Like a Girl’s Vision is a thriving ecosystem of diverse girls’ and women’s soccer in the Twin Cities.

What does this mean?

We visualize a shared understanding of diversity in girls and women’s soccer as beautiful and powerful. In particular, we work for a soccer community that includes girls and women of color and or immigrant, refugee, urban, and/or low-income girls and women as central stakeholders, decision-makers, and leaders in a healthy and just soccer landscape. Girls and women players of all backgrounds, whether Karen, Karenni, Latina, Hmong, Somali, Yemeni, Nepali, Bhutanese, Eritrean, black, white or otherwise are understood as important soccer players in our community.


Like a Girl focuses on the Twin Cities with an imagination that a thriving and connected ecosystem of diverse girls’ and women’s soccer teams and players here, in our community, can be an example of what is possible when we, as a soccer nation, invest in girls and women of color and or immigrant, refugee, urban, and or low-income girls and women. We hope to inspire girls, women, and soccer leaders in other cities to share our inclusive vision of American girls and women’s soccer.


We work towards an American soccer that understands the diversity of our girls and women’s players as our strength. We work towards a nation in which girls college soccer spaces more truly reflect the demographics of girls who play in surrounding communities, an American professional league and national team that more accurately represent the diversity of the American youth girl soccer player. We envision a world in which girls of color, immigrant, refugee, urban, and or low-income girls can see themselves reflected as players, coaches, coach educators, referees, and commentators; as power-holders in the world of soccer. We are helping to build a mainstream understanding of American soccer that includes the full breadth of diverse communities of girls and women who play, watch, and love soccer. Like a Girl strives for an American girls soccer system that sees all girls’ communities of play as valid, beautiful, and worthy of investment, ultimately leading to an American women’s soccer landscape that more accurately reflects and represents the diverse ecosystems of youth girls soccer players in America.


“If you ask what “Like a Girl” means to me now, I will have many answers. To me, it’s not just a phrase. It’s not just the name of some random organization. When you hear the phrase “Like a Girl” you might think it’s some cliche line used to make fun of girls. But those three words have empowered me and helped me believe that I am a strong and independent women, daughter, and athlete. I’ve learned to appreciate the process of getting better at everything I do, because this program is behind me if I ever fail. It encourages me to make mistakes, watches me overcome obstacles, and helps me come back stronger than ever - because I am a girl and I can do anything.


So what does “Like a Girl” mean to you? Because it means the world to me.”

-Tu Lor