What's new with Like a Girl:

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After a survey of the Like a Girl players, in order to best address their needs, Like a Girl is moving forward with the following programming plan for Spring and Summer 2020:

Cash Assistance 

We know that families are hurting financially and Like a Girl hopes that small cash distributions can help families keep their refrigerators full or rent paid for just a little longer.


To learn more about how to apply for the Like a Girl Cash Assistance Program, click here.

Programa de Asistencia Monetaria

Sabemos que familias están siendo afectadas financieramente y Like a Girl espera que una pequeña distribución monetaria pueda ayudar a las familias a mantener sus refrigeradores llenos o pagar la renta por un poco más de tiempo.


Para aprender más acerca de cómo aplicar para el programa de Asistencia Monetaria de Like a Girl, presione ​aquí.

Ball Delivery
Programa de Entrega de Balones

Staying home for this long has broad-reaching implications for us all. Giving players a way to stay active and practice a sport that matters to them could help with mental health and will absolutely help their game. That is why our second program is a social distance soccer ball delivery program.


To learn about how to get your ball, click here.

Quedarnos en casa por tan largo tiempo está trayendo implicaciones de amplio alcance para todos nosotros. Dándole a las jugadoras un medio para mantenerlas activas y practicando un deporte que es importante para ellas puede ayudarles con su salud mental y absolutamente ayudarles con su juego. Es por eso que nuestro segundo programa es una entrega de balones a distancia social.


Para aprender más acerca de cómo adquirir un balón, presiona ​aqui​.

Facebook Live 
Entrenamiento en Vivo por Facebook

Teammates matter. We know how to stay connected despite distance. Tune in to Facebook Live once a week to do a practice with the Like a Girl team.


To find Like a Girl on Facebook, click here.

Los Compañeras de Equipo Importan. Nosotros sabemos cómo mantenernos conectados a pesar de la distancia. Conectate a Facebook en vivo una vez por semana para practicar con el equipo de Like a Girl.

Para encontrarnos en Facebook, presiona ​aqui​.

Like a Girl is excited to announce a new partnership! 

Bloomington, Minn. – Twin Cities Soccer Leagues, a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league with over 1,000 teams and 15,000 players registered, announced today a partnership with Like a Girl.


The partnership, which begins effective immediately, provides a branded tent, photo backdrop as well as banners to be utilized at Like a Girl events, of most recent is the Like a Girl College Showcase held July 20 and 21, 2019. TCSL will also provide at no cost referee assignment services as well as referees for this event.


“As a club-driven league, we are well aware that not all youth, especially females, have access to the club system,” said Matt Tiano, Twin Cities Soccer Leagues CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with and support Like a Girl and their mission to provide opportunity and access to the beautiful game in the Twin Cities and beyond, and will continue to work diligently with organizations who do good, meaningful work."


In addition, Like a Girl representatives will be on-site at TCSL events to sell branded Like a Girl merchandise, while future collaboration will include coach education. 

"Like a Girl believes in a soccer community that sees and supports all of its diverse young women. Twin Cities Soccer Leagues shares that vision and is aware of its power to positively impact its home, the Twin Cities, “said Jen Larrick, Co-Founder of Like a Girl. “TCSL has chosen to wield that power to support amazing young women who encounter barriers in their pursuit of and love for soccer. TCSL's choice to do so makes our collective soccer community more aware, inclusive, and beautiful, and for that, Like a Girl is deeply grateful. "